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About Project

Allnokia.in.ua is my first side project. In 2008, I made a website with a catalog of all Nokia phones and smartphones. Until 2015, the project was actively developing until Microsoft stopped releasing new Nokia smartphones.

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Work on project

On this project, I implemented different ideas and hypotheses on how to improve the process of choosing a new phone according to characteristics. I created different product page designs to determine which information is most beneficial for a potential buyer.

In addition to the design of the site Allnokia, I was engaged in content filling and SEO promotion. Namely: compiled the semantic core of keywords, wrote articles on low-frequency queries and created landing pages. Each article was accompanied by products and offers from the catalog. Thus, I helped people who were looking for smartphones for specific requests to immediately find the right models in the catalog (for example, Nokia smartphones with two SIM cards).

Nokia will live forever :)
Nokia will live forever :)

In mid-2015, I made a complete redesign of the project. The site has become fully responsive (Mobile first design), in the frontend I used Bootstrap and jQuery.

At the end of 2015, I stopped supporting the site and updating the catalog, because Microsoft, which bought Nokia’s smartphone business, stopped producing smartphones and phones. The interest of buyers to the Nokia brand disappeared instantly.

But by this time, on the wave of popularity, the category of Android smartphones has risen. This is how the idea to make a new project Vedroid.com came up — this is a website with a catalog of all Android devices (from smartphones and tablets to smartwatches and VR helmets).

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Examples of tasks that I solved

  • Creation of information architecture of a site.
  • Design project.
  • HTML/CSS-coding (Bootstrap, SEO-ready with Rich snippets).
  • JQuery integration and plugin usage.
  • SEO: selection of key queries, creation of the semantic core of the site, analysis of competitors, writing texts for title/keywords/description.
  • Copywriting: writing articles for key requests.
  • Monetization: connect Adwords and other partner systems.

Skills used in this project

  • Experience with Photoshop.
  • Understanding of human-centered mobile design principles.
  • Create responsive design for Ecommerce project with mobile navigation principles (mobile-first design concept).
  • Ability to create information architecture diagrams, prototypes, and screen flows.
  • Experience with web technologies (Semantic HTML 5 with SEO requirements, CSS/SASS, Basic knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery).
  • Soft skills: independent, meticulous, organized and detail-oriented.
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Archive Screenshots

How the project has changed over the years. Screenshots by year.

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