• Role Product Designer
  • Years 2017 — present
  • View Online bi.owox.com
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The OWOX BI project has been being developed at OWOX since 2012. It was created to help marketers and analysts evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and build the necessary reports. OWOX BI combined three services: Pipeline (loading cost data from advertising sources into Google Analytics and Google BigQuery), Attribution (creating and setting up your own attribution model), Smart Data (a tool for building reports based on data, which was collected in Google BigQuery).

In 2018, OWOX BI services are already used in 80 countries of the world; more than 1 million transactions are processed daily in client projects.

OWOX BI - 120 artboards in Sketch

Work on project

When I came to the project as a Product Designer, I received a large number of PSD files that various colleagues had previously worked on. And as a result, there were a lot of disagreements in these layouts (the size of the indents differed, the variety of font sizes and even the text color could differ).

Sketch / Craft / InVision / Principle
Get off the Photoshop. Start on Sketch+Craft+InVision and animations in Principle.

The first thing I decided to do is to build a single layout based on all PSD files with all interface elements. After this, I led to the same rules for fonts, indents, and the appearance of blocks in this layout. Thus, the OWOX BI project has something similar to the style guide.

The next step was to jump from Photoshop to Sketch and create a complete library of styles for all interface elements (texts, icons, buttons, links, form elements, etc.). Thus, now using these elements from the library, I don’t think about their appearance and spend more time thinking over user experience scenarios.

OWOX BI Guidlines
OWOX BI Guidlines

In one year I collected feedback on the convenience of the product interface: I conducted user surveys, asked questions to colleagues, watched videos of user sessions on the site, read all tickets in support. And, of course, I did the current tasks for the project and designed new features.

As a result of this work, I created a new interface for the product, which fixes many errors and shortcomings of the current interface. I gave a presentation of the new design and prepared a «live» clickable prototype of the project in InVision, which consists of 120 artboards.

At the moment, an active process is underway to apply a large number of changes in the interface. I work together with a team of front-end developers, helping them with the implementation of an updated design.

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Examples of my tasks

  • Simplify new data flow funnel.
  • Design the functionality of adding multiple sources to the attribution model.
  • Solve the problem where users don’t know how many days of the free test period they still have in the project. Motivate the user to make a paid subscription.
  • Offer a design solution that will increase user involvement in the Smart Data service.
  • Add two new scenarios to the current funnel for session streaming: adding AdWords tags and creating Referral Exclusion List.

Skills used in this project

  • Experience with design tools (Sketch+Craft+InVision, Photoshop) and animation tools (principleformac.com).
  • Understanding human-centered mobile design principles, Google Material Design.
  • Experience with a responsive and adaptive design.
  • Creating information architecture diagrams, wireframes, prototypes, and screen flows.
  • Team-player mindset, able to be independent and collaborative on multiple projects. Have extensive experience working with Software Developers and Engineers.
  • Always open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism.
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