About me

I am a UX/UI designer and UI developer (HTML/CSS/JS) with experience in developing responsive sites.

Sites that I make from scratch are gaining 100 points in Google PageSpeed Insights test for Mobile and Desktop versions of the site.

My start off the career

No matter how trite it may sound, my journey to this profession began with books. The first book about HTML/CSS/JavaScript was handed to me in 2002 (I studied at school), and I really became interested in HTML and CSS after reading it’s first two chapters. I improved my theoretical knowledge in practice by designing my website portfolio. There were so many different versions of this site :)

  • JavaScript in Web Design / Vladimir Dronov / BHV Publishing
  • web.design / Kelly Goto Book / Symbol Publishing
  • web.design / Book by Jacob Nielsen / Symbol Publishing
  • web.design / Steve Krug Book / Symbol Publishing
  • web.design / Book by Dmitry Kirsanov / Symbol Publishing

A little later, already at the university, having experience and a small portfolio of projects for friends, I began to purposefully increase the skills of the web designer and usability specialist. I was reading books by well-known authors: Jakob Nielsen and Steve Krug. In this way, I determined my future profession and sent a resume for web designer jobs.

Work Experience

Work Experience Years

Web designer 2007

In 2007, I took a job at OWOX as a technical web designer to help the art director with routine tasks. I was quickly learning and expanded my knowledge of Photoshop.

From left to right: Artem Gorbunov, Ilya Birman and Artem Fenoha (2007 year)
In 2007, I participated in a three-day practical course «User Interface and Information Presentation» in Kiev by Artem Gorbunov (Artem Gorbunov Design Bureau). In the photo from left to right: Artem Gorbunov, Ilya Birman and me.

HTML-coder 2007—2012

After a few months, our company urgently needed an HTML coder. Since I had relevant experience, I assumed these responsibilities.

Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6) with Pain Harold
Internet Explorer 6 coding didn’t hurt at all :)

I developed websites with support for Internet Explorer 6.0, Opera and Mozilla Firefox browsers, while there was no Google Chrome browser yet.

For the next five years in the company, I have been dealing with all questions on HTML/CSS. During this time, I gained a wealth of experience in the «related profession» of the HTML coder and web designer, having worked on almost 40 projects in a team (manager, designer and HTML coder, front-end developer).

My main responsibilities were: designing the internal pages of the site, writing HTML/CSS code and integrating it into Smarty-templates.

When our team of HTML coders increased, I became a team leader and was monitoring the quality of task execution and training colleagues.

UX/UI + ROZETKA 2012—2017

In 2012, before I began to fully engage in tasks on Rozetka.ua, for a short time I was working as a usability specialist in other projects. I developed prototypes of sites and applications, conducted usability audits of various projects (from single-page sites and landing pages to online stores and banking sites), had speeches at the conferences and conducted master classes for clients. I created a usability checklist for auditing websites and evaluating user experience on them.

And since 2013 the online store Rozetka.ua has become my main project. I designed the site pages, developed prototypes of new functionality (some prototypes even went through actual user testing).

I updated the design of iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad. And after its release in the AppStore, the conversion of orders in the application received a positive growth vector.

We have been preparing a completely new website design for rozetka.ua for about a year and launched it in 2015. I managed to take part in this large-scale redesign both as a designer and as an HTML/CSS coder.

I sincerely believe that only a very friendly and cohesive team (managers, designers, front-end developers, and testers) can successfully cope with such complex and voluminous business tasks. And, in my opinion, our Rozetka Team is a team in which each person is completely dedicated to the project. I consider my work in this team an invaluable experience, which has a very positive impact on my work on other projects.

Artem Fenoha and Ludwig Bistronovsky
Photo with Ludwig Bystronovsky, art director of Art. Lebedev Studio. Lecture "Design Designer" in Kiev, 2014. Watch on Youtube

In 2015, I created a design for a new version of the mobile site m.rozetka.ua.After its launch, we noted an increased conversion rate of orders not only on the mobile version of the site but also on the desktop version too. This is due to the fact that users more often choose products to buy on mobile platforms, and order on the main site from desktops. By creating a single design and functionality in these two versions of the site (at least authorization and synchronization products in the cart between different devices), we managed to achieve a significant increase in conversion.

My last major task for Rozetka’s client was to redesign the product page. Here I had to solve a problem that had appeared as a result of the development of the project. If until 2014, electronics was the main product category at rozetka.ua, then after the crisis, the range of goods increased several times. Therefore, I had to create a universal product page design that would fit products with different content volumes and from completely different categories (for example, «Clothing and Shoes» and «Electronics», «Alcoholic Beverages» and «Jewelry», etc.)

And one more thing has been added to this requirement — in the future the site should become adaptive for all screens (from mobile to desktop). Therefore, the new design should be the foundation for a further redesign of the project.

As a result of painstaking work and dozens of agreements with the client, in 2018 we released a new product page. And our new design immediately showed a significant increase in conversion on the site during A/B testing. Our client was very pleased with this result and asked as soon as possible to roll out a new design for 100% of users.

Read more about the project ROZETKA

Product Designer at OWOX BI 2017—present

In 2017, I moved to the position of product designer OWOX BI. This is a product for internet marketers and analysts.

  • Sketch
  • Craft Plugin
  • InVision
  • Principle App

Here I am engaged in the creation and development of the design system (I use Sketch + Craft + InVision, I create animations in Principle App). I work closely in a team with front-end developers to achieve a more efficient and high-quality result.

Read more about the OWOX BI project

Participation in conferences and events

Since 2007, OWOX has been holding a conference on e-commerce in Ukraine (Ecommerce.ua). I have repeatedly taken part in it, even was the moderator of the section and conducted usability testing of the online store (watch on Youtube).

Also, my colleagues and I don’t miss any design events in Ukraine. We visit them to share experiences and monitor changes in the industry.

OWOX design team at KRUPA 2018
Part of the OWOX design team at KRUPA 2018 (from left to right: Dmitry Kapraltsev, me and Miron Filyak)

Among the major conferences in Ukraine, I will note iForum (Kiev), IT Arena (Lviv) and Ecommerce.ua. The coolest conference for designers in Ukraine is KRUPA (Kiev).

I have not attended conferences in Europe or the USA yet. But in Ukraine I was at the speeches of Alan Cooper (at KRUPA, 2018; watch on Youtube), Vitaly Friedman from Smashingmagazine.com (also at KRUPA, 2018; watch on Youtube), Utkarsh Seth UX Researcher from Google (at a business breakfast , Kiev, 2016), Arne Van Kauter from Hello Monday (at the Drag-n-Drop UI-conference, Kiev, 2018; watch on Youtube), Sherin Eltobdzhi from Zappos.com (at the Business of online stores, 2013).

After work…

In everyday life I am a very sociable and cheerful guy. And also a caring husband and father of a little boy 👶

Artem Fenoha with Max Fenoha

My side projects

In my free time, I work on my own projects, because I cannot sit back when I see that something can be improved in this world 😃

I really like to analyze the behavior of people, watching how they perform some of their life tasks (for example, choosing a new smartphone). I think about what I can design to make this process easier and more convenient. Sometimes I get so involved in the implementation of my ideas that as a result, I create a new website 😂

It is always interesting for me to learn new web technologies and use them in my projects. That’s the whole buzz for me. This is how I get invaluable experience of related professions at each stage of development, creating websites from scratch (from idea and concept on paper to copywriting, design of screens flow and then in the front-end development). I like not only to come up with ideas on paper but also to code my design via HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

In my opinion, this experience is very useful for the professional growth of a product designer. Due to the fact that the product designer needs to take a balance between the «creative flight of thoughts and ideas» and the fact that programmers and engineers can quickly realize (at least for MVP). And he must pay respect to user needs and goals while using the product.

And also work on my «home» projects very often helps me to find more effective solutions in my work tasks on Rozetka and OWOX BI projects.


Homepage Allnokia.in.ua

In 2008, I launched my first side project Allnokia.in.ua. This is a catalog of Nokia phones and smartphones. And it was completely built on static HTML files, and in 2014 it received an updated responsive design and bootstrap layout. Any activity on this project ended in 2015 when Nokia phones went out of a sale.

During the project, I was engaged not only in design support and development of the front-end but also in SEO-promotion of the site in Google and Yandex search results. I picked up key queries for which visitors had to find the site, and I wrote articles for these keywords.

In addition, I wrote news on the site about Nokia and announcements of new phones. For each news, I drew a funny picture to increase the number of clicks from social networks (Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte).

And in 2005, I received a letter of recommendation from Nokia and a diploma on the completion of a training program on effective communications.

Read more about the Allnokia project


Homepage Vedroid.com

In 2015, after finishing work on Allnokia, I decided to create a new website and make it much bigger. So, now we have Vedroid.com — this is a catalog of smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches based on the Android OS.

The launch of the project took place at the end of 2017. I added 1,500 products with photos and descriptions to the catalog. All the content for the site I collected and wrote myself (it took almost one year). Creating such a big project is a very interesting task for me, which has become a real manifestation of patience, perseverance, and self-organization in order to achieve this goal.

Vedroid.com was designed in Sketch and created using the Jekyll static site generator without databases (e.g., MySQL). And all pages were written via HTML 5 with Sass and Post CSS. The front-end was built via Gulp-modules and NPM. All scripts were written in pure JavaScript without frameworks (e.g., jQuery). To filter and sort the goods in the catalog, I wrote all the scripts myself, without using any ready-made solutions (it was a real challenge for me).

Optimization of all resources on the site (HTML/CSS/JS code, jpeg images, SVG-sprite for icons) and mobile-first interface design, allowed to get the highest marks in Google Page Speed Insights. 99 points out of 100 (1 point was removed due to the use of the Google Analytics script, which is located on the server without caching). The page loading speed is Fast (0.9s FCP / 1s DCL).

Read more about the Vedroid project

My lists of…

If you also like to structure any information about something as I do, then you will like my lists:

  1. archive projects I worked on at OWOX;
  2. my publications;
  3. events I have attended since 2007.


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I am always glad to meet new people. Feel free to reach out me via email.

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