• Role UX/UI Designer and UI Developer
  • Years 2012 — 2017
  • View Online rozetka.ua
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About ROZETKA.ua

The online store Rozetka.ua was created in 2005 in Kiev and began to gain popularity in the sale of electronics and home appliances. A large product range and a wide geographical coverage of the delivery allowed this company to become the undisputed e-commerce leader in Ukraine.

At the end of 2017, there are 2.5 million products in the store’s catalog, and in December of this year, site traffic was 75 million visitors (source [RU]).

Today Rozetka.ua has become a marketplace for other sellers who sell their goods here. Rozetka.ua is in the TOP-10 of the most visited sites in Ukraine.

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Work on project

I began my work on the Rozetka project in 2008. Then, in OWOX, we were the first in Ukraine to launch a service for creating mobile versions of online stores. I worked as an HTML coder.

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PSD to HTML/CSS code

In 2010, Rozetka switched to our OWOX Engine, and a large team of specialists worked on launching a new version of the online store from scratch. I worked again as an HTML coder and made absolutely all pages of the site. The next two years after launch, I was performing tasks to support the site (design and HTML code).

Since 2012, I have decided to do only UX/UI tasks and move away from HTML/CSS code. First, I worked on various client projects (these were online stores and banking sites).

And only since 2013, Rozetka.ua has become my main project. And that year one of the main tasks for me was the new design of the iOS application and its further support.

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Project redesign: from desktop version to mobile

In 2014, as a designer, I take part in the complete redesign of the site Rozetka.ua. A little later the team lead of the HTML coders leaves the team, and I return to his position and continue the redesign process. At the beginning of 2015, we are launching a new website design, and after that, the conversion rate starts to grow steadily.


Then I came back to the OWOX design team. Considering my positive experience with design an iOS application, a new task is being put to me — to design a completely new mobile version of the Rozetka site.

As part of this task, I have worked all the major user scenarios for new mobile screens, because the «boom» of smartphones in the Ukrainian market has already passed. And presented to the client a new design.

After a long technical development process, the release of m.rozetka.ua took place in 2016, and we again saw an increase in conversion rate. Over time, a new convenient mobile version began to have a positive effect on the conversion rate of the desktop version of the site.

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New product page design and responsive website design

In mid-2016, I took up the task of redesigning the product page on the desktop version of the site. At this point, we began to think that it was time to make the whole site responsive. This requirement formed the basis of this task, and a new product page received a design that perfectly adapts to mobile screens 320 pixels wide and to widescreen screens from 1600 pixels.

In early 2018, a new product page design was released on the site in the A/B test mode. The test results were very surprised — the new design significantly increased the conversion rate of orders compared to the current design. Therefore, our client makes a decision to switch to a new design as soon as possible.

This was my last major task on the project Rozetka.ua. And I was offered to become a product designer at OWOX BI. So I agreed.

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Examples of tasks that I solved

Design tasks

  • Design pages of the site and new functionality (fulfillment of tasks and customer requirements).
  • Designing an iOS application for the iPhone and iPad.
  • Designing of the mobile version of the site and support after launch.
  • Email design.
  • Design review of completed tasks by frontend developers.
  • Search and analysis of bottlenecks on the site and suggestions for their improvement.
  • Creating clickable prototypes for testing user scenarios on the site.
  • Creating design presentations for the client.

UI Developer tasks

  • HTML5/SCSS coding.
  • Integration of HTML-code in Smarty-templates.
  • Code review colleagues who write HTML/CSS.

Skills used in this project

  • Experience with design tools (Photoshop) and prototyping tools (Axure, Balsamic).
  • Understanding of human-centered mobile design principles, Apple Human Interface.
  • Ecommerce UX, Mobile navigation principles (creating mobile first design concept), Mobile App design.
  • Experience with transitions, animation.
  • Experience with web technologies (Semantic HTML 5, CSS, SASS, Smarty Template).
  • Experience with Agile and Scrum.
  • Team-player mindset, able to be independent and collaborative on multiple projects. Have extensive experience working with Software Developers and Engineers.
  • Proactive, meticulous, organized and detail-oriented.
  • Always open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism.

In September 2018, the Rozetka's brand was redesigned. You can read more on Facebook or on the website new.rozetka.ua.